About Xrail

What is Xrail?

Xrail is a production cooperation consisting of seven members, aiming to make European Single Wagonload a more competitive and more sustainable alternative to road transport.

The Xrail vision

Xrail – the European standard for competitive and sustainable Single Wagonload transport



Xrail focuses on an improved operational collaboration between the Alliance partners for international Single Wagonload transports.


  • Xrail to act as a leading production cooperation, growing in network coverage and transport volumes, supporting the modal shift to rail
  • The Alliance to improve reliability, information, performance and ease-of-use of European Single Wagonload, enabling a competitive customer offer and a sustainable business model
  • Xrail to push standardization and harmonization of interfaces and procedures to enable full technical interoperability and seamless operations all across Europe
  • The Alliance partners to commonly develop smart, technical solutions and ICT platforms and support the automation and digitalization of the members to create customer value and to strengthen intermodal competitiveness of rail
  • The Xrail Alliance to bring together talented and agile people from members to boost innovation for the rail freight industry
  • The members of the Alliance to team up for lobbying for a better framework for the European Single Wagonload