Capacity Booking

Capacity Booking for Wagonload

Seamless bookings of loaded and empty wagons on capacity-checked trains enable better network control and optimization. Managed capacities are the basis to develop a more efficient, reliable and thus sustainable Wagonload offer.

Xrail Capacity Booking (XCB) explanation trailer

The Xrail Capacity Booking (XCB) initiative

  • The Alliance partners have decided to make an industry change for European Single Wagonload by implementing domestic capacity-managed networks and connecting these via a central broker system
  • The initiative enables seamless international Wagonload booking across all members' networks, facilitating a significantly more competitive European Wagonload offer
  • Agreed common processes, rules and quality levels ensure full interoperability and a strong quality standard for international Wagonload booking
  • Four of the Xrail partners – CFL cargo, Lineas, Rail Cargo Group and SBB Cargo – are so far connected to the central capacity broker, currently piloting the system on corresponding relations
  • In a next step, the Alliance intends to fully connect the complete partners' network, allowing to provide all Xrail Wagonload transports with a booked transport plan including an estimated time of arrival