Capacity Booking

Benefits for Single Wagonload customers and railways

The Xrail Capacity Booking (XCB) initiative enables a more seamless, reliable and transparent international Wagonload, benefitting the customers as well as the Xrail Alliance partners before, during and after the transport.

Trip plans

Seamless trip plans / capacity

  • International trip plans available from start to end, up to the customer siding 
  • Transport capacities secured over multiple RU networks via one integrated booking
ETA update

ETA / ETA update

  • Specific ETA provided for each booking based on network status & booking situation of the involved RUs
  • Potential ETA update / rebooking automatically provided if major delays occur
Track and Trace

International Track & Trace

  • Realtime Track & Trace available, enriched with wagon status data
Trip plans

Network control / forecast

  • Early transparency on incoming partner flows into the domestic RU capacity booking system
  • Possibility to react to (operational) changes by partners at early stage
Trip plans

Performance improvement

  • Transparent international KPIs for proper performance measurement
  • BI tool analysis supporting RU improvements and issue solving / best practice with the partners
Trip plans

International Troubleshooting

  • End-to-end international SWL deviation information via standardized tools and defined processes