Capacity Booking

Benefits for Single Wagonload customers and railways

The Xrail Capacity Booking (XCB) initiative enables a more seamless, reliable and transparent international Wagonload, benefitting the customers as well as the Xrail Alliance partners before, during and after the transport.

Before transport

  • Provision of international transport plans with a reliable, specific Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) available at time of booking throughout the whole Alliance network
  • Possibility for customers to secure capacity for international transports in advance
  • Better visibility on upcoming international volumes allows the railways to have better prognosis on network utilization

During transport

  • More reliable execution of booked transport plans especially for international, long-distance transports
  • Enhanced transport information, e.g. delay alerts and a new ETA in case of deviations
  • Improved, unified Track & Trace solution available for international transports
  • More stable and leveled-out network operations

After transport

  • Xrail provides valuable statistics as basis for a continuous improvement process within the Xrail Alliance enabling a more reliable European Wagonload